Ice Age 3 Movie Review

Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3 is the third film in the Ice Age animated series. The production, which lasts for 1 hour 34 minutes, is a family movie. Ice Age 3, one of the most popular series in the cartoon and animation world, was presented to the audience in three dimensions for the first time in the history of the series. This time, it did not disappoint our expectations of production that are anticipated with excitement all over the world. It is hard for anyone to believe that the new Ice Age movie that came to our theaters on July 1, 2009 has been released for more than 12 years. Despite the use of 2009 technology, the production, which has a better animation technique and voiceover than the animated films of 2021, continues to surprise us.

Characters such as Sid, Diego and Manny, which we remember from previous films of the series, also appeared in the new movie. We can say that it is one of the movies that all families can watch with their children. Both children will have fun and families will not be bored watching. In short, this movie appeals to all age groups and genders, adults or children. I recommend you watch Ice Age 3 production that everyone will enjoy watching. 3. Before watching the movie, I have to remind you to watch the first two movies. If you watch the 3rd movie directly without watching the first two episodes of the series, you may not be able to understand some parts of the movie. That’s why I recommend watching previous movies with your family and watching this movie later.

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