Shutter Island Movie Review

Shutter Island


In the movie ShutterIsland Watch, two inspectors go to an island with dangerous patients who have lost their mental balance. In the movie Shutter island, where some strange events are reflected to us during the inspection, Leonardo Dicaprio takes the lead role and it has become a thriller and a masterpiece that will burn our brains. Attention! What I wrote after this is for those who watch the movie. We do not recommend that you read the movie without watching it.

A few possibilities arose in our minds towards the end of the dungeon island when the character played by Leonardo experienced some tides. List these possibilities for you.

1.1. Foreigners who come to the island are not tolerated on the island and those who come to the island are made sick by taking the nerves in their brains.

2.2. First of all, this possibility lies in my mind more because at the end of the movie dungeon island, Leonardo’s character says “Is it to die like an animal or to live like a human”. But despite everything, minds are confused because not all of the gaps in the film are filled.

Do not forget to specify in the comments if there are any possibilities that come to your mind other than these possibilities. I will read everyone’s comments and respond to the questions asked in the comments section of the dungeon island full movie. I wish everyone a good time.

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